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Marshmallow - 17/07/2015

Photo at 3 months - Flip side, 5 weeks

SIRE: Comitas Butterscotch DAM: Northcape JM Dream Way (Imp NZ)

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Marshmallow's Progress

Comitas Labrador
6 Weeks

6 Weeks

Third day in Training. Nearly 8 weeks.

Session 1 - Without treats 7 weeks 09/09/2015 0:41 secs
Session 2 - With treats 7 weeks 09/09/2015 0:12 secs

Mum & Dad.
Fun in the water - Mum & Dad are the 2 Yellows


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Zoey - 7 years old

Photo at 10 weeks

Zoey is a cheerful 7 year old girl with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Zoey's Progress

Zoey reading Marshmallow a bedtime story.
Marshmallow sleeping after her story.


Comitas Marshmallow

Introducing Zoey's puppy Marshmallow.

Comitas Labrador

Marshmallow will be Zoey's best friend, her confidant, to laugh or cry with, to never judge her, to be always there no matter what and to always love and be loved.

But also, Marshmallow is being trained to help Zoey to reduce anxiety and to cope & remain calm in situations that would normally be quite challenging or overwhelming for her.