A big thank you to Sue & Interchange Illawarra for purchasing Thor through Wyatt's funding. -Melissa

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Comitas Wyatts Auden Thor - 26/05/2014

Chocolate Labrador
Thor at the Coolamon-Ganmain Show - Photo courtesy of Your World Photography

Comitas Butterscotch DAM: Comitas Miss Mahogany

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Thor's Progress

Comitas Labrador
5 Oct 2014 Coolamon-Ganmain KC Championship Show ***Baby of Breed***

Thor (right) hanging out with his brother

New videos: Wyatt & Thor finally meet.
Sharing is caring -/- Can I have some more? 8 months 01/03/2015
I like belly rubs too -/- Belly rubs 2 8 months 01/03/2015
Kisses 8 months 01/03/2015
Thor & his brother Thor 3 months
Ep 5: What Thor is learning next 3 months 29/09/2014
Ep 4: Stacking Not available
Ep 3: How to show your puppy 3 months 29/09/2014
Ep 2: Things Thor can do 3 months 29/09/2014
Ep 1: Introducing Thor 3 months 29/09/2014

Other videos.
Training tips staring Orpheus."Wait" command (different from stay)


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Wyatt - 5 years old


Wyatt is a 5 year old boy with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Now that Thor has received some training he has now gone off to meet and live with his handler Wyatt and are spending very important time together working to form a lasting beneficial relationship.



Wyatt's Progress

Wyatt, Toby & Emma-Rose enjoying an Icicle.

Wyatt likes to abscond so locks have been placed on the windows for his safety.

4: You are my sunshine - Uploaded on 06/10/2014
3:Clothesline - Uploaded on 06/108/2014
2:Bellyaches due to a gut condition - Uploaded on 06/10/2014
1:Highchair - Uploaded on 06/10/2014




St Mary's primary school in 4 parts. Poor audio.

Part 1 12/11/2015 5:00 secs
Part 2 12/11/2015 5:26 secs
Part 3 12/11/2015 4:18 secs
Part 4 12/11/2015 7:23 secs


Comitas Labradors

Thank you to all that voted. Wyatt & Towradgi Public School won the grant for the Sensory Room.

Comitas Wyatts Auden Thor

Introducing Wyatt's puppy Thor.

5 Oct 2014 Coolamon-Ganmain kennel Club Championship Show
***Baby of Breed***
Chocolate Labrador

As any mother of a child with Autism will tell you it's hard work. As a single mother of 3 children, of which 1 is Autistic, I can tell you it's impossible work without help.

Thor, thanks to Comitas Labradors, has been carefully selected and has begun training to assist Wyatt and help to keep him safe.
Thor is not being trained to be a babysitter, he is being trained to do 3 specific tasks to assist Wyatt get through his day safely and calmly.

• The first is applying pressure like that of a weighted toy or blanket to calm him and keep him focused and on task. Also, as seen in Wyatt's videos, he has gut issues and Thor will be trained to use the correct pressure to assist him at these times by lying across his belly and alleviating pain.

• Second will be to teach Thor to recognise when Wyatt places himself in danger, such as climbing the clothes line, deliberately trying to burn his feet on hot ground or trying to abscond. If Thor can't stop him he can alert me, his carers or teachers.

• The third task, one that I hope I will never need, will be to track Wyatt if he does manage to
abscond and can't be found immediately.

I would also like to thank the people who are helping us with our goals. Claudette, the owner of Comitas Labradors and Thor's trainer, Lucinda and Sam at Riverina Animal Grooming who organised & ran Thor's puppy school, the shops in Griffith who have allowed him access to further his training, Mackenzie who was his handler at a recent show where Thor won best baby of breed and Greg from Your World Photography who kindly donated the photos of Thor on show day.

Wyatt's mum.

Wyatt and Thor team update

Thor has settled into family and suburban life very well. He has still a bit of rascal in the yard with his chewing and boisterous play but is a perfect gentleman inside and there have been no noise complaints. Well done Thor!  
Wyatt and Thor's relationship has truly blossomed of late, they have been doing a lot of training together and enjoying a bit of ruff and tumble as well. It has been well worth the time as Wyatt can now give Thor commands such as sit, ground, wait and Wyatt's favourite, speak and Thor is more than happy to comply.
The following is a diary of special days Wyatt and Thor have had since Thor moved in:
25th June 2015:    Thor's first visit with Wyatt to Kerryn's for some Occupational Therapy. We have the best OT ever!
26th June 2015     Thor turned 1. Happy Birthday big boy!
15th July  2015:    The lovely Jacqui from the Dog Project comes over for the first private training session and teaches us clicker training.
23rd July  2015:     Kerryn came to visit us today. It was a great session and we handed the clicker over to Wyatt for a go.
30th July  2015:     Thor got to come and chill out with Wyatt and Alicia, during his psychology appointment in town.
          Thor was so well behaved and he has been invited to return anytime. Thank you Alicia. 
Coming soon....
Wyatt and Thor will have a second private training session before graduating to Trickster School.
We are also planning a big adventure for Wyatt and Thor, a trip to Griffith to visit Claudette and some of places & people who supported Thor in his initial training!
Thanks again to Claudette and all the wonderful people down in Griffith who have been so generous in allowing Thor in for training, we hope to see you all soon.
Melissa, Wyatt & Thor.