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Current Puppies AvailableComitas Puppies


Please see Dogs 4 Independence website

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Older Puppies/Dogs Available

We currently do not have any available

Planned Litters 2017Comiats Labradors

Litter planned for mid-late March.

Will be focusing more on the Therapy dogs so available puppies will be limited.

If your interested in a Comitas puppy, please see Therapy Dogs or contact to be placed on the waiting list.

If your interested in a Comitas Therapy Dog, please see the Therapy Dog Info page before contacting.

Comitas Puppies

Puppies, and sometimes older dogs will be listed here when available.
Check back later for updates!

All our dogs are breed with the intention to produce quality healthy puppies with sound temperaments, which make sound companions for any family or individual.

Through our continued breeding we aim to improve furthermore on temperament, quality, and genetic diversity.

Comitas Labrador

Pictured is a male Comitas pup of 12 months.
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See Sold Pups for more pictures of dogs breed by us.