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Wyatt and Thor to visit Griffith in November 2015.

It has been 8 months since Thor was placed with Wyatt in Wollongong.
Wyatt wishes to visit Griffith, where Thor was trained to thank in person all the people that allowed his dog onto their premises for training.

This will include;

  1. A visit to Hanwood Public School on - Thursday 12 Nov
  2. A visit to St Mary's Primary School - Friday 13 Nov
  3. A meeting organised by the Griffith Autism Support Group for any interested persons/parents to attend to meet two of the teams and an opportunity to talk with the parents of the children who already have had dogs placed with them - Friday 13 Nov
  4. Visiting various stores, shopping malls and the Library in Griffith where Thor was allowed access - 12-14 Nov

Comitas Therapy DogComitas Therapy Dog
(Pictured above: Left: Wyatt & Thor , Right: Zoey & Marshmallow)


St Mary's primary school in 4 parts.

Part 1 04/12/2015 0:44 secs
Part 2 04/12/2015 1:26 secs
Part 3 04/12/2015 0:41 secs
Part 4 04/12/2015 0:23 secs

Comitas Therapy DogComitas Therapy Dog

More videos coming soon.

More coming soon

Hanwood Public School
Comitas Therapy DogsPhoto courtesy of Hanwood Public School

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